Recognize an outstanding “wildlifer.”Eberhardt_2

Robert Todd Eberhardt was a quiet, honest and dedicated wildlife professional with a strong passion for ducks. While he avoided the limelight and worked most effectively in the background, he enriched the lives and careers of many students, colleagues and friends. This award pays tribute to his significant contributions to the conservation and management of waterfowl and wetlands in North America. The winning recipient will be honored at the NADS 8. 

Nomination criteria:

  • The nominee should be an active “wildlifer” who has made significant contributions to waterfowl and wetland management and conservation while employed as a provincial or state biologist in North America.
  • The award is given only to an individual.
  • The nominee must be living at the time of selection.


Congratulations Don Kraege - 2019 Recipient

Don Kraege - Award Winner



Previous Winners:

  • NADS 7 (2016) - Larry Hindman, Maryland Department of Natural Resources
  • NADS 6 (2013) - Tom Rothe, Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • NADS 5 (2009) - Kenneth F. Abraham, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Trent University
  • NADS 4 (2006) - Stephen P. Havera, Illinois Natural History Survey
  • NADS 4 (2006) - Michael A. Johnson, North Dakota Game and Fish Department
  • NADS 3 (2003) - Dale D. Humburg, Missouri Department of Conservation