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North America’s most prestigious waterfowl conference.

The North American Duck Symposium (NADS) attracts academics, government and non-governmental biologists, consultants and professionals from around the world. Participants present and discuss current research and management issues of ducks worldwide, with the focus on North America. It’s a highly respected forum that’s advancing the future of conservation science.

The NADS is held every three years in a select Canadian or U.S. city. Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Province of Manitoba, Sustainable Development are pleased to host the 8th NADS in Winnipeg from August 26-30, 2019.


The mission of the NADS is to advance the art and science of waterfowl conservation, management, education and research in North America by providing a regularly held forum for the presentation and discussion of information relating to ducks.


The vision of the NADS is that well-trained and well-informed educators, researchers and managers will ensure that effective management and conservation efforts sustain quality duck habitats and populations for wildfowling and other societal benefits today and for future generations.