Welcome to pothole country—a duck’s paradise. 

Sign up for this field trip when you register for the NADS 8. Space will be limited.

Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre*

Thursday, August 29 (5:00 - 10:00 p.m.)

*Includes bus transportation & on-site meal at Oak Hammock Marsh

Oak Hammock Marsh


Oak Hammock Marsh is one of North America’s birding hotspots and a great destination for people of all ages. This 36 km2 Wildlife Management Area features a restored prairie marsh, aspen-oak bluff, waterfowl lure crops, artesian springs, some of Manitoba’s last remaining patches of tall-grass prairie and 30 kilometers of trails for you to explore. This beautiful location is the national headquarters of Ducks Unlimited Canada. It also features a theatre, a scenic café, a gift shop, meeting rooms, rooftop observation deck, and interactive exhibits.


Delta Marsh**

Pre-conference tours Sunday and Monday, August 25 & 26 

**Attendees are responsible for their own transportation. Meals and accommodations available. 


Delta Marsh - Field Tour

The historic Delta Marsh is well known for Delta Waterfowl’s name and roots. Since the organization first started studying ducks, it has played an integral role in the development of many waterfowl biologists throughout North America. Come explore Delta’s property, including the MERP (Marsh Ecology Research Program) cells and take a tour of Kirchhoffer and York (Childs) Lodge. Self guided and guided tours prior to the NADS conference will be offered. There are accommodations for a limited number of guests on Sunday night. Meals and beverages available. Contact Amanda Szadkowski at aszadkowski@deltawaterfowl.org for more information.