Awards for poster and oral presentations


Award Place


Student Type

Presentation Type


3 Ben Luukkonen Masters Poster Survival and recovery rates of Canada geese in urban areas of Iowa   
2 Kyla Bas Masters Poster Variation in individual quality of lesser scaup (Aythya affinis) ducklings in relation to spring phenology and density dependence  
1 Blake J Mitchell Masters Poster Assessing invertebrate sampling methods for landscape-level brood survey research   
3 Kelsey Navarre  Masters Oral  Implications of Covariation in Demographic Rates for Lesser Scaup  
2 Luke Matthews  Masters Oral Waste Grain Availability in Post-harvest Rice and Corn Fields, California  
1 Madeleine Lohman Masters Oral Spatiotemporal variation in waterfowl demography  
 3          Jay A. VonBank    PhD Poster Wintering Movements and Energy Expenditure following a Large-Scale Distribution Shift in Greater White-fronted Geese  
 2  Breanne Murray    PhD Poster Fecal biomarkers of stress in mallard ducks      
 1 Dan Smith  PhD Poster Estimating the energy landscape of the Suisun Marsh  
3 Matthew Dyson PhD Oral Identifying critical nesting habitat for ducks in Albertas western boreal forest.  
2 Robert Blenk PhD Oral SWAMP: Updates on an agent-based modeling program to evaluate carrying capacity of winter and migrational habitats  
1 Thomas Riecke  PhD Oral  Abundance drives cause-specific teal mortality       
  Starla Phelps Undergraduate  Poster Black-bellied Whistling Duck Site Fidelity and Nest Box Use at the Northern Edge of Their Expanding Range  


Special thanks to the following people who volunteered their time to evaluate the student presentations:

  • Aaron Pearse
  • Chris Williams
  • Frank Rohwer
  • Jim Devries
  • Josh Stafford
  • Justyn Foth
  • Kevin Ringelman
  • Luke Laborde
  • Michael Brasher
  • Mitch Weegman
  • Michael Schummer
  • Philip Lavretsky
  • Rick Kaminski
  • Jacob Straub
  • Stuart Slattery
  • Lisa Webb
  • Vanessa Harriman
  • Caroline Brady
  • Karla Guyn
  • Mike Eicholtz
  • Bart Ballard