North American Duck Symposium and Workshop


Chris Williams
Department of Entomology and Wildlife Ecology, University of Delaware
531 S. College Ave, Newark, DE 19716
Tel: 302-831-4592,,

Alicia Berlin, USGS Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge

Additional Organizing Committee

Samantha Richman, Coordinator, 7th North American Duck Symposium,
Jake McPherson, Ducks Unlimited, University of Delaware

Scientific Committee

Members of the scientific committee include scientists and conservationists who have studied waterfowl and their habitats for varying lengths of time and have published their work in international outlets.  They are affiliated with governmental agencies, universities, or private organizations in the United States and Canada.

Chris Williams (Co-Chair), University of Delaware
Brian Davis (Co-Chair), Mississippi State University
Warren Conway (Co-Chair), Texas Tech University
Joe Sands (Co-Chair), United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Migratory Birds and Habitat Programs
Todd Arnold, University of Minnesota
Alicia Berlin, United States Geological Service, Patuxent NWR
Pat Devers, Black Duck Joint Venture
Bruce Dugger, University of Oregon
Chris Dwyer, United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Dave Howerter, Ducks Unlimited-Canada
Dale James, Ducks Unlimited-Southern Region
Rick Kaminski, Mississippi State University
Lucien Laborde, Louisiana State University
Scott McWilliams, University of Rhode Island
Craig A. Miller, Human Dimensions Research Program, Illinois Natural History Survey
Doug Osborne, University of Arkansas at Monticello
Kevin Ringelman, Louisiana State University
Tony Roberts, Assistant Coordinator Atlantic Flyway
Mike Schummer, State University of New York - Oswego
Greg Soulliere, Science Coordinator, Upper Mississippi River & Great Lakes Region Joint Venture, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Josh Stafford, Assistant Unit Leader Co-Op, US Geological Survey and South Dakota State University
Lisa Webb, Assistant Unit Leader Co-Op, US Geological Survey and University of Missouri
Barry Wilson, United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Robert Todd Eberhardt Memorial Award Committee

Chris Nicolai (Chair) - US Fish and Wildlife Service, Region 8
Josh Vest - US Fish and Wildlife Service Intermountain West Joint Venture
Jason Caswell - Alberta Wildlife and Sustainable Resource Development
Rod Brook- Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
Jerry Serie - US Fish and Wildlife Service, retired

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