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J.2-5: Framing the 2018 NAWMP Update and Plan Committee priorities

Presented by R. Joseph (Joe) Benedict, Jr. - Email: joe.benedict@tn.gov

The 2018 North American Waterfowl Management Plan Update, Connecting People, Waterfowl, and Wetlands, was signed by the United States, Canada, and Mexico and released January 29, 2019. The NAWMP has a long and successful history of conserving North American waterfowl through Joint Venture partnerships, a commitment to science-based habitat conservation, and understanding population-management linkages. The 2012 NAWMP Revision and Action Plan sought to expand the base of supporters and challenged the NAWMP community to consider the intersection of waterfowl, habitat, and people in management decisions. The purpose of the 2018 Plan Update was to document the achievements under the 2012 Revision, lessons learned along the way, provide a fresh focus on what remains to be accomplished, and rekindle the professional passion and resilience needed to advance the NAWMP over the next five to ten years. While guidance on integrating management decisions continues to develop, the NAWMP Plan Committee (PC) is committed to making rapid progress and fostering timely communication of the results within the NAWMP community. Progress since 2012 will be highlighted, including extensive social science work aimed at better understanding how people value wetlands and waterfowl. Additionally, the PC recently identified a number of strategic priorities and addressed structural issues of the committee for implementing the 2018 Plan Update. PC priorities and proposed structural changes will be shared, as well as new communication efforts, including those around the 30th anniversary of the North American Wetland Conservation Act.
Session: Conservation & Planning (Friday, August 30, 13:20 to 15:00)