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H.1-5: SWAMP: Updates on an agent-based modeling program to evaluate carrying capacity of winter and migrational habitats

Presented by Robert Blenk - Email: RHBLENK@UCDAVIS.EDU

Agent-based modeling (ABM) of waterfowl populations is an increasingly appealing approach for researchers and managers due to the ability to incorporate spatial dynamics, evaluate multiple metrics of waterfowl condition and survival, undertake scenario planning and evaluation, and a multitude of other advantages. The Spatially-explicit Waterbird Agent-based Modeling Program (SWAMP) is an ABM designed to estimate time budgets, energetics, foraging, and survival of wintering waterbird populations. Since its previous iterations, SWAMP has undergone developments and improvements designed to improve its accuracy, versatility, and ability to connect the dynamics of stopover and wintering habitat at a flyway scale. I will describe the functions, data needs, outputs, and utility of SWAMP as a decision-support tool for waterfowl managers and will provide an introduction to the development and use of the tools relating to the development of SWAMP model scenarios. Our goal is to make SWAMP generally available to researchers and managers to evaluate winter habitat management at local, regional, and flyway scales.
Session: New Technology (Thursday, August 29,13:20 to 15:00)