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North American Duck Symposium and Workshop

Student Presentation and Poster Awards Criteria

Eligibility for Students Presenting Results from a Current or Previously Awarded Degree:

A student is eligible for an award if he/she is presenting research results from a currently pursued degree or ≤1 year of completion of a previous degree. For example, a student currently enrolled in an M.S. program or who completed their degree ≤1 year prior to the symposium would be eligible for M.S. Oral Presentation or Poster Awards. A current Ph.D. student or recent Ph.D. graduate (≤1 year) will be eligible only for Ph.D.-level awards even if presenting from his/her M.S. degree.

Multiple Student Authorship:

The quality of an oral presentation is an important evaluation criterion of the presentation. Therefore, if multiple students author an oral presentation, then each must present part(s) of the presentation to compete for the award. Otherwise, the award will be given to the student who gave the presentation. Similarly, for multiple authors of a poster, each author must tend the poster and respond to evaluators simultaneously to avoid evaluators visiting posters multiple times.

Poster Guidelines
Poster Display Instructions
Poster Evaluation Form
Presentation Evaluation Form

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