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7th North American Duck Symposium (NADS 7)

Award Information:
Five (5) NADS 7 Student Travel Scholarships will be available to students one (1) Undergraduate, two (2) Masters, and two (2) Doctoral students in the amount of $500 to be used to offset costs of attending the symposium to present their research.  Eligible students must be enrolled in an accredited University or within 6 months of graduation. 

Students must submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation following the same Guidelines along with a current CV to the Student Awards Committee (NADuckSymposium@gmail.com) by July 31, 2015. Download the Abstract Template

Evaluation Criteria:

The Student Awards Committee will evaluate student application materials and select the recipients based on the following general criteria:

  1. Clarity of presentation, including statement of objective(s).
  2. Scientific merit, including uniqueness, hypothesis(es) and prediction(s).
  3. Study design and methods.
  4. Management applications (if appropriate).
  5. Conclusions and suggestions for future work.
Travel award recipients will be notified by September 2015.

Instructions for submitting abstracts to the 7th North American Duck Symposium:

Please submit your abstract via the formatting listed below to the following email address: NADuckSymposium@gmail.com by Friday July 31, 2015 at midnight.


  1. Submit abstract as an attachment to NADuckSymposium@gmail.com in a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx), using the presenting author’s first initial underscore (_) last name as the file name (eg. C_Williams.doc). If submitting multiple abstracts by the same author (C_Williams1.doc, C_Williams2.doc).

  2. Use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12 point font, and single spaced.

  3. If invited to a Special Session, write the name of Special Session: Name of Special Session title at the top of the page.

  4. Title in bold (preferably 10 words or less, catchy titles are welcome) with capitalized first letter of each word. 

  5. Skip a line.

  6. Author(s) listed in italics and use superscript numbers to denote affiliations with the presenting author in italic and bold and denoted with an asterisk (*). 

  7. Skip a line.

  8. Author affiliations listed by superscript and should include the Department, Organization, City, State or Province, zip or postal code, country. Email address of presenting author only.

  9. Skip a line.

  10. Body of the abstract should be < 300 words and a single paragraph. 

  11. Do not use hyperlinks to webpages in the abstract body unless relevant to the subject.

  12. At the bottom of your abstract, indicate if you wish to be considered for an ORAL, POSTER, ORAL or POSTER presentation. Please note that if you are not chosen for an oral presentation, we will automatically consider you for a poster.

  13. Write STUDENT TRAVEL AWARD, if you are enrolled in an accredited University or  within six (6) months of graduation.  If you are a student, indicate if you are an UNDERGRADUATE, MASTER’S, DOCTORAL student.


Ex. File Name:  H_Ducks.doc 

SPECIAL SESSION: Migratory Bird Treaty Act (only if invited by Session Chair)

Put Your Title Here in This Format (guideline = ~10 words)

Henry A. Ducks1*, Joanna B. Goose2, and Chris E. Swan3

1Department of Anatidae, Fowl University, City, State, Zip, USA, HADucks@Fowl.edu

2Environment Canada, City, Province, Postal Code, Canada

3Waterfowl Union, City, State, Zip code

Abstracts should be < 300 words and include objectives, brief description of methods, principal results, and conclusions. Include scientific names in the abstract but not in the paper/poster title. Do not abbreviate place names (e.g. state or country) in the paper/poster title. Do not include paper/poster title or author information in the body of the abstract. Do not include citations in text, nor a separate literature cited section.  Authors may submit more than one abstract. Submit abstract as Word document (.doc or .docx) as an attachment and NOT in the body of the email no later than 31 July 2015. Thank you for adhering to these instructions to ensure consistency in format among abstracts.

Please indicate which of these apply to your submission:





Past Recipients of the NADS Travel Awards

NADS 6 - Travel Scholarship Recipients, Memphis, TN 2013

  • Jennifer Sheppard - University of Saskatchewan
  • Michael Mitchell - Texas A&M University
  • Mark Bidwell - University of Saskatchewan
  • Kirsty Gurney - University of Alaska-Fairbanks
  • Tanner Gue - University of North Dakota
  • Abigail Lawson - University of Nevada - Reno

NADS 5 Travel Scholarship Recipients, Toronto, Ontario, 2009

  • John A. Dassow - Southern Illinois University
  • Heath M. Hagy - Mississippi State University
  • Benjamin J. O’Neal - University of Illinois
  • Sarah J. Thompson - University of Minnesota
  • Josh L. Vest - Utah State University
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