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North American Duck Symposium and Workshop

North American Duck Symposium (NADS) Presentation Award

Award Information and Evaluation Criteria:

The NADS typically offers 6 presentation awards to M.Sc. and Ph.D. students. First, second and third place awards of $450, $300 and $150, respectively, are awarded within both oral presentation and poster presentation catagories. However, at NADS 5, funds were sufficient to offer awards to the top 3 Ph.D. and top 3 M.Sc. presentations in each catagory. During the symposium, all student posters and oral presentations were viewed by the Student Awards Committee. The committee members used the following general criteria to evaluate presentations:

  1. clarity of presentation, including statement of objective(s);
  2. scientific merit, including uniqueness, hypothesis(es) and prediction(s);
  3. study design and methods;
  4. management applications (if appropriate),
  5. conclusions and suggestions for future work and;
  6. the student's academic and other achievements relative to his or her career stage.
NADS 5 Presentation Award Recipients:

Ph.D. Poster Presentations
1. Courtney L. Amundson - University of Minnesota
2. Heath M. Hagy & Jake Straub (co-recipients) - Mississippi State University
3. Matthew R. Pieron - Louisiana State University

Ph.D. Oral Presentations
1. Benjamin J. O'Neal - University of Illinois
2. Courtney L. Amundson - University of Minnesota & Matthew R. Pieron - Louisiana State University (co-recipients)
3. Josh L. Vest - Utah State University

M.Sc. Poster Presentations
1. Everett E. Hanna - Trent University
2. Elizabeth A. St. James - Mississippi State University
3. Kurt A. Anderson - University of Delaware

M.Sc. Oral Presentations
1. Pauline M. Bloom - University of Saskatchewan
2. Christopher J. S. Martin & Jennifer I. McCarter (co-recipients) - University of Guelph
3. Sarah J. Thompson - University of Minnesota 

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