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The North American Duck Symposium and Workshop is a forum for scientists, biologists, managers, and students who are passionate about the conservation and management of ducks. Building on the success of four previous symposia, Long Point Waterfowl and the University of Guelph co-hosted the 5th North American Duck Symposium and Workshop (NADS 5) in Toronto, Ontario, from 17 - 21 August 2009.

NADS 5 was held in the Great Lakes Basin, one of North America's premier waterfowl staging regions and, as we are now learning, an important wintering and breeding area, which makes it's theme - "Duck Research and Management in a Changing World" - timely. Sitting poised on the threshold of the most significant revisions to the North American Waterfowl Management Plan since its inception almost 25 years ago, symposium participants heard about the "new frontier" of duck research and management in Canada's boreal forest; "big picture" threats to, and opportunities for, foods for ducks; lessons learned from management-by-experiment; and new ideas for stakeholder input to coherent harvest and habitat management.

NADS 5 has reinforced that, today, perhaps as never before, waterfowl management faces significant challenges resulting from key scientific uncertainties about the effects of drivers of duck population change in fast-changing ecological and social arenas. We invite you to explore this website to see the exciting mix of workshops, invited plenary lectures, poster presentations, and papers that addressed the cutting edge conservation issues that contributed to the science content of NADS 5.

To view and dowload abstracts for all oral and poster presentations browse the various menus within the Science Program link, or view the condensed version of the week's activities by downloading the NADS 5 Program. The NADS 5 Photo Archive contains several slideshow galleries of pictures taken by photographer Theodore Smith during the week of NADS 5 in 2009. Be sure to also visit The NADS Archive to obtain symposium proceedings and other important information about previous NADS.



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